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The Kickdrums

KickDrums is comprised of producer/singer/songwriter Alex Fitts (Fitts) and dj/producer Matt Penttila (Tilla). The two met while working as engineers at a studio in Cleveland, Ohio. They shared many common interests and both had reputations as skilled producers. Combining their efforts, the two united as “The Kickdrums” and spent the next five years perfecting their craft behind the scenes, producing records for major and independent artists across the boards. In 2007 The Kickdrums had grown tired of the redundant songs in rotation on television and the radio. Fitts dived deep into his alt rock roots and Penttila began experimenting with his love for electronic music. With their focus shifting, The Kickdrums started distancing themselves from working with outside artists. Fitts would spend his days penning songs and unraveling chord progressions, while Penttila would break down records and flip obscure samples on his drum machine. All the rules were thrown out the window. The end product would be mesh of alternative rock, soul music, and hip hop laid over heavy drum breaks and fuzzy guitars.