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Harlem-based APSPDR+ (real name Anthony Brent) is a name well worth remembering, as he will undoubtedly sit atop the short list of in-demand producers in 2014. Formerly known as AP Super Producer, Brent's new moniker of APSPDR+ is symbolic of the creative renaissance he underwent this past year. In 2009, APSPDR+ recorded the music for several BET placements, prompting the BET executive Brent worked with to question how it was exactly Brent was still unsigned. APSPDR+ has also served in the roll of A&R man for other artist's mixtapes including 2011's "Save Bewler" by Rugz D. Bewler and "A to B" by Dean & Ravo as well as R.O.B's "CircaXXV" and "The 90's Tape". Most recently, APSPDR+ has fixed his creative efforts on his own debut LP, The Color of Sound. The Color of Sound is a diverse, sonically refreshing album that while takes its chances, does not venture far enough away from the norm as to scare your average listener. As Brent puts it, The Color of Sound is full of "good vibes, sweet melodies, hard snares and precise features; all leaning a little to the left". The Color of Sound will be available in early 2014, and feature guest spots from SZA, R.O.B, Euro League, Audubon & Kris Kasanova among others.