Alex Aldi

Alex Aldi is a New York City based producer and mixer whose most notable credits include producing and mixing Passion Pit's latest album "Kindred", their 2012 release "Gossamer" (including gold-certified single "Take A Walk"), and Magic Man's "Before the Waves" and their "You Are Here" EP. After attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Alex moved to New York where he worked as a staff engineer at Gigantic Studios in Tribeca for five years. While at Gigantic, he worked on dozens of records including Holy Ghost!'s "Static On The Wire" EP and their self-titled LP, Passion Pit's "Manners", The Walkmen's "You & Me", and Harlem Shakes' "Technicolor Health". Alex then set up his own studio, The Glassfactory, in Brooklyn in 2010 where he has continued working on projects with Magic Man, Wildcat! Wildcat!, and Passion Pit, including a song for the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt.2 Soundtrack.

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