Alida Garpestad Peck is a songwriter, vocalist, and artist originating from Norway and currently based in Los Angeles. Alida’s passion for singing and creating music began at a young age. At nine years old she began singing alone in her room, recording herself with a tape recorder. While in secondary school, she chose a focus in music and began to fine-tune her pursuit. It was then when she learned the piano and began writing her own songs.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles, Alida began collaborating with various producers and songwriters including Noonie Bao, Axident, Big Taste, The Orphanage, The Monarch, and many more. Alida co-wrote and features on the current Robin Schulz single “In Your Eyes”. The single is gaining recognition on multiple playlists such as Spotify’s Today’s Top Hits, mint, and The Pop List. The single has become an international success, streaming close to 1 million streams per day and charting in Austria, Russia (#1 on Airplay charts), and Germany (Certified Gold). The future for Alida is bright; with strengths in lyric, melody, and concept, Alida can pen records wholly on her own with ease, and she is only getting started.

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