In less than a decade, music producer and songwriter Henry Walter, known in the music industry as Cirkut, has climbed his way from aspiring beatmaker to a pop perfectionist ushering icons and rising stars into the future with his golden touch. A thousand sleepless studio nights since his early days, he stands today as one of the most successful producers in contemporary music, all before the age of 30.

Ever since moving from his native Halifax to Toronto in 2004, Cirkut’s ascension has been relentless, turning a drive for sonic perfection into an imposing musical legacy. As a member of the three man group Let’s Go To War, he was discovered and signed by Last Gang Records, and although their debut was never released, the production and songwriting on those records remains ahead of its time today, showing early signs of musical brilliance and incredible promise. It’s during that time that Cirkut found his true calling. Away from the stage and the spotlights, he was at home in the studio, drawing from various inspirations and techniques to complete his production arsenal and perfect his craft.

In 2008, things began to take another dimension for him when one of his instrumentals landed on Britney Spears’ Circus (“Mmm Papi”) and quickly led to a string of high-profile tracks including a game-changing remix of Kesha’s “Blow”, and stand-out cuts for The Weeknd (“High For This”), Jessie J (“Domino”), Flo Rida (“Good Feeling”), Rihanna (“You’re The One, Where Have You Been”), Katy Perry (“Part Of Me”), and more collaborations with the likes of Adam Lambert, Nicky Minaj, and B.O.B. in subsequent years.

After opening The Dream House studio in Toronto, now a cultural hotbed in the city’s bubbling scene, he soon moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to officially join Dr. Luke’s production team. This relationship led to an imposing string of hit records for a veritable who’s who of top 40 artists, closing out a landmark year in 2013 with three chart-topping hits: Katy Perry’s “Roar”, Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”, and Pitbull’s “Timber”. A perfect blend of focus and instinct, Cirkut’s production style showcases an ear for detail and texture that gives a flawless finish to simple, catchy and party-friendly compositions. His adaptable demeanor in the studio gives way to a lead-from-the-back approach, allowing his collaborators to shine in the front, knowing that the final product is in the right hands to become a hit.

With this phenomenal catalogue, Cirkut remains a born perfectionist and never one to rest on his laurels. With business partner and accomplice Adrien Gough, he is building Dream Machine, a rising empire that includes songwriting, publishing, artist development, and management. With the Dream House Studio in Toronto and The Dream House in Los Angeles- an incubator for bubbling songwriters and producers- the pair are developing a pipeline of young hitmakers with the intent of creating a legacy in the lineage of musical temples like Motown and Def Jam.

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