Greg Wells

Greg Wells is a Grammy-winning record producer, songwriter, musician and mix engineer in Los Angeles with over 125 million units sold. His credits include John Legend, Adele, Twenty One Pilots, Kid Cudi, Taylor Swift, Deftones, Dua Lipa, Carrie Underwood, OneRepublic, Timbaland, Keith Urban, Pharrell Williams, and Greg recently produced and mixed The Greatest Showman Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, the top selling album worldwide in 2018. As a fluent guitarist, bassist, drummer, and keyboard player, Greg has mastered the balance between being hands-on and drawing out an artist’s own sound regardless of genre. For Wells, the goal is to shine the best light on the artist and help them be as true to themselves as possible. It is this diversity, versatility, and musical fluency that continues to make him one of the most talented and sought-after producers, songwriters, and musicians in the industry.

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