Ian Keaggy

Ian Keaggy is a Nashville and LA based songwriter, producer, and artist whose success as a member of the band Hot Chelle Rae makes him no stranger to a high caliber of worldwide success and artistry. The son of Grammy nominated guitarist Phil Keaggy, Ian’s whole life has revolved around his passion for music. Since leaving Hot Chelle Rae, Keaggy has developed an unquestionably unique brand and sound that is drawing attention in both his writing, production and emerging solo career. While mostly working within the pop genre, he has also forged working relationships with an array of artists in all markets. His passion for the visual arts including cinema and photography has developed his love for scoring and writing, landing countless Film/TV placements on major network shows. Even though he is expanding his creative complexity, there is a quality of individuality in Ian Keaggy’s work that remains constant throughout all of his endeavors.

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