Jarrad Rogers

Australian born songwriter/producer Jarrad ‘Jaz’ Rogers has spent almost a decade working in London, where his infectious passion for pop and love of exploring its possibilities across genres has earned him a reputation for delivering fresh and creative radio hits, and seen him collaborate with a diverse selection of the UK’s most respected and exciting acts - from British pop royalty Annie Lennox and BRIT Award winning boyband JLS, to dance-pop girlgroup The Saturdays, X-Factor runner-up Rebecca Ferguson and chart topping UK rap acts Tinchy Stryder and Tinie Tempah. As demand for his ability to mix soulful innovation with bankable hooks has spread stateside, he’s found himself making regular trips to the US to work with a similarly broad and enviable selection of artists including Lauryn Hill, Demi Lovato and Lana Del Rey. He has also been working with Icona Pop, Rita Ora, Cinnamon Girl, 5 Seconds of Summera amongst others. In between writing and producing for others, Jarrad released an artist album under the guise of experimental soul-pop side-project, SugaRush Beat Company, featuring vocalists Rahsaan Patterson and Ida Corr. Although envisaged as a low-key release, their self-titled album (RCA) received widespread attention following the band's appearance on the BBC's flagship music program Later...with Jools Holland, and tracks 'L-O-V-E' and 'They Say I Say' being featured on Grey's Anatomy.

Classically trained from an early age, Jarrad puts his deep love of ‘exceptional pop music’ and his obsession with making songs that ‘capture the imagination and move as many people as possible’ down to the fact that he spent more of his formative years studying piano under renowned concert pianists, and playing trumpet in orchestras in his native Melbourne, than he did listening to the radio.

“The only tracks I heard as a kid were the really, really big singles. So for me, growing up, pop meant Prince in his prime and the massive Bon Jovi hits. So that set the bar pretty high.

“The only other stuff I heard was late at night in the car with dad on the way to swimming, when stations would play this amazingly melodic ‘80s music, which is probably why I’m so big on melody. I love music to be melodic and emotive and a bit epic. That’s when it really resonates. But then I grew up in church, where it’s all about emotion and moving people with music. Pop music has the power to move people too. When it’s right, it’s like nothing else. It can be an amazingly positive thing.

“For me, it’s all about understanding the rules of a hit, and exploring within those rules. I think that’s why I’m not obsessed with one genre. If you understand the rules, I think you can make great pop out of anything. It’s in those unexpected places that you find that edge. That’s one thing about working in London, it forces you to have an edge to survive. London’s such a fashionistic place. You’ve got to understand the latest underground thing AND know how to translate it so it not only works on the radio, but reaches right out of it and grabs as many people as possible.”

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