John King (Dust Brothers)

John King is a Los Angeles based multi-Grammy award winning producer/songwriter/ mixer/re-mixer who makes up one-half of the legendary duo, The Dust Brothers. Famous for his genre-blurring, groundbreaking style, his signature cut-and-paste marriage of hip, hop, rock, alt, and pop catapulted him to the top of the charts. While still in college, he helped start Delicious Vinyl, writing and producing platinum records for Tone-Loc and Young MC, and produced and co-wrote one of the top albums of all time, The Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique". After this, he reinvented himself with another trend setting, career-making album, Beck's "Odelay". What followed was an avalanche of songs, productions, and remixes including Hanson's career-making #1 hit "MMMBop". 

John's accolades span from the innovative score to the cult classic film Fight Club, to Santana's Grammy Award winning Album of the Year Supernatural, Linkin Park's mega-selling Hybrid Theory, Steve Earle's 2008 Grammy Award winning Washington Square Serenade, the #1 soundtrack collaboration with Howard Stern, to work throughout the years with legendary artists such as Korn, the Rolling Stones, Blur, and Marilyn Mason, as well as the ineffable hard rock comedy duo Tenacious D. His score work also includes ad campaigns for companies such as The Gap, Nike, and Microsoft. Recently, he has explored international success with the top 20 hit "Negro Dia" for the band Kinky.

John continues to make music history and is amongst one of the most preeminent producers in the industry today.

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