Josh Wilbur

Josh Wilbur is the sort of good-natured guy that can’t help but be successful at what he does. He's won a Grammy and been nominated for several others, and still maintains a candid attitude about his career, claiming he "accidentally fell into" mixing and producing. Josh, born in Berwick, Maine, began his music involvement as a drummer in several local bands. What blossomed into a star-studded career as a mixer, engineer, and producer began when he was recording some of his own tracks at Dizzyland Recording and found that he enjoyed the mixing aspects of recording as much as he did performing. He went on to earn his associate’s degree in audio engineering from New England School of Communications, and from there went back to work at Dizzyland under its owner Hank Decken before leaving for Soundtrack Studio in New York.

Despite underwhelming beginnings as more of a mop-handler than audio engineer at Soundtrack, Josh made use of his new digs. Eventually he met with Andy Wallace and the Full Force production team, and soon graduated from working with Wallace to producing music on his own. While under Wallace he worked with groups like Lil Kim and System of a Down, Josh quickly made his mark with heavy metal working with Lamb of God (he’s now produced 3 and engineered 6 of their albums) and other acts including Hatebreed and Sons of Texas.

His work with metal bands is lasting and notable. To date, Josh has worked on projects with Trivium, Motionless in White, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Gojira. In 2016, his work with both Korn and Megadeth was nominated for a Grammy award in Best Metal Performance, and later on this year, he’ll be working on the new Papa Roach project.

While Josh’s focus is certainly on rock music, his forays into other genres have been quite successful - his work on folk artist Steve Earle’s album Washington Square Serenade earned him a Grammy in 2007, and he’s also worked with names like Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, P!nk, and N*SYNC. His approach is broad enough to work with any band, and it makes the albums he work on stand out among the crowd in exactly the way he likes best. His goal is to make all the music he works on elicit an emotional response from listeners while letting the songs speak for themselves. “If people start talking about the production, then I failed. They should be blown away by the music.” 

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