Luca Buccellati

In 2012 Luca co-founded the indie-electronica duo Yellerkin with a childhood friend from Katonah. It was then that Luca also met Valerie Teicher, known as the indie starlet Tei Shi. This was the start of Luca's career as a producer and writer. Since then Luca has produced and co-written both of Tei Shi’s EP's as well as her debut album Crawl Space. In turn, Tei Shi has lent her voice and talents to Luca’s solo work in several instances. Together, the two have built an impressive reputation for themselves within the indie and electronica scenes.

Luca has also produced and written with Colouring, Ryan Egan, and RÉN, to much praise, and is steadily rising through the ranks of the indie scene.

Each of Luca’s song credits list him as a producer, co-writer, and engineer. It’s his style to be very involved in his work, and the effort pays off. Back in 2015, when he released his single “Best On” with Tei Shi, Luca was hailed as “the next Kind Midas of American alt-pop music.” With his near-golden touch, listeners have had no choice but to resort to hyperbole to describe it. About “Best On,” Noisey wrote “synths wobble, beats ratatat, and Tei Shi's vocal—tasty like butter on freshly toasted English muffin—is doubled, tripled, quadrupled and more, harmonizing with her fine self like a one woman Destiny's Child.” His track “Tools” with Yellerkin was called “as anthemic as it is elating” by art and culture magazine Wonderland.

Between the rising fame of artists he works with and his own projects, Luca is slated to be an artist whose career is not one to miss.

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