Steven McMorran

In his restless early days, Steven McMorran wandered far from his Little Rock home, pursuing a songwriting career amid the heat and glare of Los Angeles. He made great strides, writing for Celine Dion, Michael Bolton and many more. But the gravitational pull of Nashville propelled him back to his native South, and it’s a good thing, too. McMorran found an artistic home in the “city built around songwriting,” as he puts it. Now, thanks to a new alliance with Disney Music Publishing, Steven McMorran has a home within a home.Right out of the gate, McMorran scored a coup with his song, “Still On the Line,” recorded by superstar Tim McGraw for the latter’s just-released No. 1 Country album, “Sundown Heaven Town.” It’s a wrenching, confessional ballad about love hanging by a thread – make that a telephone cord. Just thesort of apt metaphor McMorran crafts so beautifully in his work.“There is a depth of lyric and clarity of meaning in country music,” he says, “and it’s hard not to be inspired by it. It’s the art of double-meaning: spinning a familiar phrase into new life.”Though he grew up surrounded by Country music, McMorran has never pigeonholed himself. His father,a studio engineer, spoon-fed his son the music of singer-songwriters like James Taylor and Jim Croce.The apple in this case fell quite far from the tree, as McMorran found bands like Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden more to his liking.Although he played in local Little Rock bands and wrote songs from his teens onward, McMorran contemplated a career in medicine, graduating college with a degree in biology and chemistry. But his indomitable artistic temperament took him to L.A. instead.It took a few years of knocking on doors before he made headway. “I knew I could make it,” he recalls,“if I could figure out how to write the songs in my soul. That kept me going.”His luck turned when Celine Dion recorded his song “This Time” for her 2007 album “Taking Chances.”That led to a string of covers by veterans like Joe Cocker, as well as and up-and-comers such as Melee and Crosby Loggins. Michael Bolton recorded his song “What You’re Doing to Me” for the 2009 album“One World One Love.”Success as a songwriter fulfilled only part of McMorran’s mission. A gifted singer-performer, he neededto stretch as an artist as well. McMorran formed Satellite, a band for which he served as vocalist andsongwriter. Signing with Sony Music’s Descendant Records, Satellite recorded the 2010 EP “Ring the Bells” and the 2013 album debut, “Calling-Birds,” which Huffington Post called “an indie-inspired slice o fAmericana.”Around that time, McMorran married and, with his wife, Danielle, started a family (their two sons areAiden and Wolf). The couple decided to move to Nashville, a place where McMorran could keep all his artistic options open.Now, as part of the Disney family, the sky’s the limit for the multi-talented songwriter. Says McMorran,“I want to write songs that make people feel more in touch with who they really are.”

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