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Friends and Family 16February 08, 2013
Grammy Party at Paramount Lot
Event Photos click thumbnail to see image at 100%
Event Sponsors This year’s party was brought to you by:
Randy Spendlove
Dr. Luke
Max Martin
Lia Vollack
Steve Barnett
Jon Platt
Peter Edge
Tom Corson
Cameron Strang
Willard Ahdritz
Evan Lamberg
Dan McCarroll
Paul Broucek
Ken Bunt
Steve Schnur
Savan Kotecha
David Massey
Julie Swidler
Peter Paterno
Peter Thea
Peter Katsis
Serban Ghenea
Sarah Stennet
Didier Lord
Greg Thompson
Ken Hertz
Joe Riccitelli
Tommy Page
Evan Bogart
Pete Ganbarg
Mike Knobloch
Eman Kiriakou
John Rubey
Jeff Kwatinetz
Rob Stevenson
Zach Katz
Randy Grimmet
Kevin Weaver
Jay Faires
Richard Sanders
Marty Diamond
Mio Vukovic
Bill Werde
Jeff Fenster
Venus Brown
Sue Drew
Sat Bisla
Bruce Starr
Rich Stumpf
Ron Cerrito
Jennifer Gross
Chris Firestone
Ed Starr
Jihaad Shaw
Andy Kipnes
Mark Beaven