Andrew Goldstein Co-Produces the New Blackbear Album!

Blackbear is back and stronger than ever with his 5th full-length album Everything Means Nothing with the help of AAM’s Andrew Goldstein and Alex Ghenea. The leading single for the album, “Hot Girl Bummer” was co-written and co-produced by Andrew Goldstein and mixed by Alex Ghenea. When it was released in August of last year, the single quickly gained massive recognition and streams instilling blackbear’s place, once again, on the top of charts worldwide, surpassing his initial success of single “Do Re Mi” of 2017. Since then, “Hot Girl Bummer” has gone Double Platinum in the US, 4x Platinum in Canada, and certified platinum and gold in various other countries including Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Portugal, also peaking at #2 on Billboard’s US Mainstream Top 40.

After the success of “Hot Girl Bummer”, blackbear released two more singles “Me & Ur Ghost” and “Queen of Broken Heart”, both co-written and co-produced by Andrew Goldstein and mixed by Alex Ghenea, to lead up to the August 21st, 2020 release of Everything Means Nothing. The album is quite simply incredibly catchy and honest. Though some critics claim that the album is almost too catchy and cliché (reasoning for Pitchfork to only rate it at a 4.1), others disagree and attribute the catchy pop-beats to his rawness and signature style. Buddy Iahn of The Music Universe notes, “In his unflinching honesty about his own demons and depression, blackbear creates a powerful sense of solidarity — ultimately moving forward with his longtime mission of ‘inspiring everyone to be more unapologetic about who they are.’” This is exactly what blackbear was looking to achieve; it was the goal he and Andrew Goldstein worked towards. Compared to his previous albums, blackbear was hoping to make a more uplifting and versatile record. According to Apple Music, “To get there, he and co-producer Andrew Goldstein placed an emphasis on tempo and organics: The drums are live, the snaps and claps real, the BPMs heightened.” When these tracks and lyrics were then masterfully mixed by Alex Ghenea, it’s no wonder the album has become such a success, as it continues to climb charts.