Andy Wallace At #1 With A Day To Remember’s “Bad Vibrations”

Ace mixer/producer, Andy Wallace, has done it once again with A Day To Remember’s newest album, “Bad Vibrations.” The album, which was mixed entirely by Andy, debuted at No.1 on five Billboard Charts - including Top Rock Albums chart, Alternative Albums chart, and Top Album Sales chart. It even reached No. 2 on The Billboard 200 – no simple accomplishment for a rock project these days. In response to the album’s great success, A Day To Remember’s lead singer, Jeremy McKinnon, thanked Andy particularly for “helping [them] solidify [their] biggest release of all time.” The album’s singles and videos, including “Paranoia,” “Naivety” and “Bullfight,” have accumulated nearly 10 million Spotify streams and YouTube plays, and the album itself is still gaining more and more traction, proving that Andy is still succeeding in his mission to keep rock alive and well.