Bob Marlette Produces Texas Hippie Coalition’s High In The Saddle

Versatile and prolific producer, Bob Marlette, has paired up once again with Texas Hippie Coalition on their anticipated album, High In The Saddle. The Texas rock band recently released their new track, “Moonshine,” which is only an introduction to the rest of the unashamed, red dirt metal tracks. Bob previously co-produced THC’s fourth studio album, Ride On, which debuted at No.5 on US Hard Rock Albums and produced their third studio album, Peacemaker, which reached No.20 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart. THC’s front-man and vocalist, Big Dad Ritch said working with Marlette helped the band achieve their signature edgy, southern rock sound. “Bob was big-time on the arrangements, and was a great help with composition. He is a great songwriter, has wonderful ideas, and hears everything. He already knows where the song’s going, what’s gonna happen next ...” According to, THC’s sixth album is “a true Texas Hippie Coalition manifesto, if there ever was one.”

Bob is best known for producing lead rock and metal bands and has worked for a legendary range of artists including Alice Cooper, Tracy Chapman, and Rick Springfield. Being a long term producer of THC, Bob’s work will definitely contribute to High In The Saddle exceeding fan expectations.

High In The Saddle will be available for download May 31st.