Dallas K’s Releases Debut Single “Self Control”

DallasK has already gained recognition as a successful DJ, producer, and songwriter; and now the artist has added “Singer” to his long list of credentials. DallasK released two brand new tracks titled “All My Life” and “Self Control”- and what sets these two songs apart from the artist’s previous releases? They feature DallasK’s own personal vocals!

The songs were both co-written by fellow AAM songwriters, Sarah Hudson and Clarence “Coffee” Coffee Junior. Like DallasK, the two songwriters also have a long list of credentials- Hudson has co-written hits like Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”, while Grammy nominated and two time Juno Award winning songwriter Coffee has written for artists such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Pitbull.

Both songs accentuate two different viewpoints of love through their their individual sounds. While “All My Life’ is upbeat and hopeful, “Self-control” is a slower, more sensitive love ballad. DallasK has definitely been building his own sound as an artist these past few years- and AAM is excited to be a part of his journey!