Erik Madrid & GRADES #1 Album on iTunes with Khalid’s American Teen

In a stunning debut, 19-year-old hip-hop artist Khalid’s new album American Teen has swept the iTunes charts over the weekend following its release. The album, which was mixed by Erik Madrid and features the track “Winter,” co-produced and co-written by AAM’s GRADES, was #1 on the iTunes R&B/Soul album chart on March 4, and at one point during that day had all 15 of the album’s songs charting in the top 50 R&B/Soul songs. In the few days since the album’s release, Khalid has been busy attending album signings and concerts, re-tweeting tearful and heartfelt reactions from his fans in any spare moments. It’s not just American teens that are relating to the music, though — even the New York Times named American Teen their album of the week for the week of Monday, March 6th.

The album’s momentum has been building rapidly since the release of Khalid’s first single, “Location,” which peaked on the Billboard Hot R&B songs at #7 and #5 on the R&B Streaming songs chart. Khalid as an artist peaked at #2 on Billboard’s Twitter Emerging Artists chart, and judging by the fact that he just hit 100K followers on the social media platform, it’s not for nothing that he ranks so high. Between his fans’ passion and his critics’ admiration, Khalid and Erik Madrid are in for a happy next few weeks as the rankings come pouring in for American Teen!

Check out the video for "Location" below...