Jonas Jeberg & Selena Gomez #1 on iTunes with new track “Fetish”

“Take it or leave it,” Selena croons on the opening line of her new track, and she knows we’ll take it – who could resist her increasingly sultry brand of pop? Gomez’s newest single “Fetish,” co-written and produced by AAM’s Jonas Jeberg, was released Thursday and is already at #1 on the iTunes charts at the time of posting. The warm, breathless track features Gucci Mane with his own verse, falling for the songstress’ charms.

Gomez has been reveling in the sensuality of her new track while promoting it, teasing fans with clips of perfectly glossed lips singing along – now seen in the audio version of the song on YouTube (watch below) – and a 16-second video that cuts between a lawn sprinkler and the sun-kissed singer. Jeberg’s production ensures that the song is light and playful even as it could get hot and heavy, like a summer’s day that’s hot but not unbearably humid. In just 48 hours since dropping, the song already has over 11 million views on YouTube and is sure to dominate the charts in the coming weeks as our own summer days heat up (and our nights, too).