GRADES contributes to NAO’s new album “For All We Know”

British R&B and electro-pop performer NAO captivated audiences with her dreamy, soulful sound on her first two EP’s, but has recently transcended her past work with the help of producers GRADES and Jamie Snell. In a Billboard interview with Paley Martin, NAO said she was just “trying to do what comes naturally”, and that authenticity shines through in her new work. Production techniques used on her promotional tracks for her upcoming debut LP, “For All We Know”, intrigue the listener and warrant a second listen. The first single, “Bad Blood”, is described by SPIN writer Brennan Carley as a “spectacular little piece of bliss”. Pitchfork writer Jayson Greene elaborates even further, claiming that part of the appeal is in the “sculpted production, which surrounds a handful of warm, textured sounds with chilly room tone”. After the success of “Bad Blood”, NAO once again sought the assistance of GRADES and Jamie Snell. The result? The beautifully haunting track, “Fool to Love”, which has also been met with commercial and critical acclaim. Both tracks have amassed over ten million plays and purchases between Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, and other major vendors. With such overwhelming success, it is safe to say that GRADES and Jamie Snell have once again done incredible work.