Greg Wells Co-Writes Special Olympics Abu Dhabi 2019 Anthem

The world’s largest sporting event of this year is approaching and its official theme song is co-written by our very own Greg Wells! The 2019 Special Olympics World Games will take place in Abu Dhabi where thousands of athletes from around the world will be showcasing and celebrating their stories and achievements. The World Games drives the Special Olympics movement through creating a community where every person is accepted regardless of ability or disability. And what better way to introduce the event than to open with a powerful anthem that embraces its message of unity?

The Special Olympics World Games song is titled, “Right Where I am Supposed To Be”and will be debuted at the World Games opening ceremony held at Zayed Sports Stadium on March 14th. The anthem will be performed by a stellar cast including Avril Lavigne, Luis Fonsi, Al Jassmi, Assala Nasri, and Tamer Hosney. Global hit “Despacito” singer, Fonsi, was convinced to sign on the track when he acknowledged the song’s quality and connectivity, according to Saeed Saeed on The National. “When I heard this track was being done by an amazing and talented group of people, I decided I want to be a part of it,” he said. “All we want to do is have a song where people smile, dance, and have a good time. To me that is what Special Olympics is all about.” Critically acclaimed music producers behind the track include Quincy Jones, Ryan Tedder, Nina Woodford, and our Grammy-award winning Greg Wells. Greg expresses he co-wrote the song with the intent of conveying the event’s humanitarian purpose. “I love the fact that Special Olympics is taking place in Abu Dhabi, where East and West will be united. We want to unite the whole universe on this path.” Greg continued, “The power that music has with a great song and message can not only cross fake lines on the map but ideological differences.”

Greg’s work on “Right Where I Am Supposed To Be”is yet another achievement to add to his wide array of chart-topping hits. Recently, Greg won his first Grammy for The Greatest Showman Soundtrack, which was the best-selling album in the US and UK. His philosophy in guiding the artist to share their authenticity rather than only focusing on what will make the “big hit” contributes to the song’s uplifting and sincere message. Greg’s work continues to shine through a genuine approach and dedication to his work ethic, with more milestones to come.

“Right Where I Am Supposed To Be”will be played throughout the entirety of the Special Olympics World Games, so be sure to catch it live on ESPN from March 14-21!