HEAVY Collaborates with Ace Harper for New Single

Though many of AAM's clients have formed tight-knit bonds and friendships with artists, sometimes working with them for entire decades, there is something undeniably exciting about a new musical collaboration - especially when it really works! Such is the case with AAM's dream-team duo, HEAVY, consisting of seasoned producer/songwriters, Jason Bell and Jordan Miller.

HEAVY has teamed up with rapidly rising alt-pop artist, Ace Harper, to co-write and produce her newest single, "Different Kind of Blue." According to Harper, Jason took the lead on the technical aspects of production while Jordan helped more with the songwriting and melodic composition of the track. The result is an exceedingly dynamic and emotionally profound experience, emanating a diverse range of inspirations; particularly evident in the combination of soft, chilling vocals, a catchy pop hook, trap-like hi hats, EDM build ups, and booming tom drums.

"HEAVY are such great guys to work with," Harper claims. "We have so much fun in the process and they make me feel so comfortable - which I think is really important when you are exposing this much of yourself." Even though "Different Kind of Blue" is only the first collaborative effort released by HEAVY and the pop up-and-comer, Ace Harper, she explains that she is also "looking forward to sharing [their] upcoming songs as well," as if to signify the blossoming of a new musical partnership with the duo on the horizon. As always, we're thrilled to see what they cook up next!