Justin Raisen Collaborates with Miya Folick on New Single

Multi-faceted AAM artist Justin Raisen teamed up with Miya Folick on her new single “Malibu Barbie”. The song, released on Thursday May 23, has Raisen accredited as the producer, mixing engineer, and co-writer.

The song delves into what womanhood means to Miya Folick, along with ideals of pursuing physical perfection and beauty language. In her vocals Miya also touches upon the unrealistic standards that we internalize and attempt to conform to no matter how impractical they may be. The grooving bassline and light instrumentation coupled with Folick’s vocals make this single a great summertime track.

Miya Folick and Raisen worked together in the past on her debut album Premonitions, which released in October of 2018, where Justin Raisen has co-writing credit for a majority of the songs. This single adds to Raisen’s already vast discography of writing producing and engineering credits, including Charlie XCX, River Phoenix, and Sky Ferreria to name a few.

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