Kill Birds’ “Worthy Girl”, Produced By Justin Raisen, Out Now!

Kills Birds is back with a new track titled “Worthy Girl”. With the solid groove and visual lyrics this song upholds, it is a “must listen”. According to a NYLON article, journalist Allison Stubblebine wrotethatKim Gordon agrees that this is the tune is “hot as f*ck”. This track just gets hotter with the help of Justin Raisen. Justin has been active in the Music industry since 2011. The talented songwriter has successful cuts with Miya Folick, Angel Olsen, and Charli XCX. Recently Justin has been working with the band Kills Birds on this track. He has been a cheerleader for this band since the beginning of their journey he saw them live. His faith in the band has made in impact in the sound of their music, as well. Justin stated, “I knew then I wanted to work with this band…I spoke with Nina (lead singer) after the show & we exchanged phone numbers. It felt like I just traded numbers with Kurt Cobain or something.” The band would go on to record “Worthy Girl” which Justin produced and recorded in the comfort of his home.

Justin was very adamant on capturing the bands live energy that he initially fell in love with. His personal goal was to capture that energy in his recording. From the initial meeting it did not take long for this idea to manifest itself in real life. “A few months later this took place. Drums, Bass, Guitar, & Vocals bleeding into each other in 1 ROOM all together was the only way I felt I could try to recapture what I experienced while seeing them live. For me, it was the only way.” If you listen to the record you will hear that Justin accomplished his goal. Worthy Girl is out now, listen to it so you can hear with buzz is all about.