Music Modernization Act Finally In Place

A very hot topic right now in the music business, is the “Music Modernization Act”. Sarah Hudson is feeling hopeful that this new law will help the business shift in a positive way. Sarah states to PAPER that “We, go into studios every single day with a hope that the song we write will get out into the world for people to enjoy, and we should be compensated fairly for our relentless work. It has been a battle thus far in the era of streaming, but now with The 'Music Modernization Act' finally in place, it gets us one step closer to what we all deserve as creators.”

Sarah is not the only artist and songwriter that feels this excitement. Kid Rock, Kanye West, and hundreds of other songwriters are joining in excitement that the music industry is heading in the right direction. According to Billboard author Jordan Bromley, “the Music Modernization act, or "MMA" creates a formalized body, run by publishers, that administers the "mechanical licensing" of compositions streamed on services like Spotify and Apple Music (we call them DSPs). It changes the procedure by which millions of songs are made available for streaming on these services and limits the liability a service can incur if it adheres to the new process.”

Variety Magazine has Sarahs name in black as one of the songwriters/producers that have signed in order to have the bill passed. This bill will be passed to solve a problem that songwriters have been struggling with for years. With streaming leading the way in music, it is imperative that we find a way to ensure that songwriters/producers are being paid fairly for their talents. The operative word in the title is "Modernization." These laws surrounding payment for writers are well outdated. Before this, publishers would receive a physical letter for each share of the song. Now, everything is done electronically. This is all still very new but we are all excited to see where this will take us!