NAO’s Sophomore Album Saturn Now Available

This past Friday, NAO released her sophomore album Saturn, which was co-written and co- produced by AAM’s GRADES. Having released her debut album, For All We Know, in 2016, it truly shows how she has evolved in these past two years as a songwriter with the help of Grades’ musical skills. The album title, Saturn, even has a great meaning to it. The planet, Saturn, takes 29 years to orbit the Sun; therefore when those 29 years are done, as Nao put it, “we realize we aren’t so innocent, unformed, or new anymore.” With each song, we can see the growth of these 29 years by hearing her piercing falsetto in “Make It Out Alive”, her soulful runs in “Another Lifetime”, and an overall fresh sound on the album’s entirety.

Saturn has 13 tracks and on it including two songs and singles of the album, “Make it Out Alive” and “If You Ever” that were co-written by AAM’s Coffee Jr. With such a great roster of producers and writers, it is no wonder this album was able to successfully explore the ins and outs of a relationship, heartache and her African/jazz roots.