Neck Deep and Matt Squire surprise-released new, heartfelt single “She’s A God”!

“She’s A God”, produced by Matt Squire, is Neck Deep’s first release since 2017. After some time off from the studio, the band is more eager than ever to make some great music. This is the first time Neck Deep and Matt Squire (who has produced everyone from Ariana Grande to Panic! At the Disco) have worked together and could be the start of something huge!

The single is about the ones who are closest to you, the people you cannot live without. When asked to describe the song the band said "'She’s A God' is a song that is, pretty much, about worshiping your other half, but for the little things like waking up in the morning and seeing them get ready for the day. Those moments where you’re just in awe of how glorious a person can be.” A heartwarming, feel good kind of song with fun lyrics and awesome guitar work, “She’s A God” is that “roll down the windows and blast the music” kind song everyone wants during the summer.

Hopefully we will see more work from Matt Squire and Neck Deep soon but you can stream “She’s A God” via Hopeless Records now on all streaming platforms and watch the music video on YouTube now!