New MKTO Single “Shoulda Known Better”!

MKTO have partnered with both Eman and Alex Ghenea on their new single “Shoulda Known Better”!

“Shoulda Known Better”, an energetic, synthy, dance song, is MKTO’s first new song in almost a year. Tony Oller, the singer of the sing\rap pop duo, sings of the regret he feels always being seduced by his former love interest. His soulful voice is the perfect contrast to the heavy, dancey beat. Malcolm Kelly, the rapper in the duo, later comes in with an emotional and lively rap on his own similar experiences.

Emanuel Kiriakou and Alex Ghenea both had major roles in making this song possible. Eman, both co-writing and producing the single, was able to use his expertise in numerous genres to create this well balanced song, mixing elements of dance, rap, pop, and soul. Eman has worked with MKTO before on their smash hit “Classic” so it is no wonder the two have partnered up again.

Alex Ghenea co-prodcued and mixed the single. This is the first time MKTO and Alex have partnered up but it is no surprise they made a great team. Alex, who is also a leading remixer in the industry, is a kind of expert on dance pop and groundbreaking dance beats, so he was a necessity on a song of this nature. Alex and MKTO are already working on another song together so we will be hearing more from them hopefully in the near future.

You can listen to “Shoulda Known Better” now on all streaming platforms!