New Yves Tumor Available Now

Today, Yves Tumor releases his fourth studio album, “Heaven to a Tortured Mind,” on Warp Records. This LP follows his highly acclaimed 2018 release, “Safe in the Hands of Love,” that cemented Yves’ status as a darling of the experimental and electronic scenes.

Today’s release is already generating buzz among critics and fans, earning this week’s “Best New Album” badge from Pitchfork. In the accompanying article, critic Kevin Lozano describes “Heaven to a Tortured Mind” as “a gratifying and intense record, one whose pleasures are viscerally immediate.”

AAM producer Justin Raisen was a major collaborator on this album and is credited as a co-executive producer, producer, and engineer. This is the second album Yves Tumor and Raisen have worked on together, the first being Yves’ 2018 hit.

This time, Yves Tumor brought in another member of the AAM and Raisen families. Jeremiah Raisen co-wrote the album’s second single, “Kerosene!,” a powerful duet with Diana Gordon.

“Kerosene!” accompanies many other beautifully emotional songs on this album that varies its tone, style, and genre on every track. Yves Tumor and Justin Raisen have pulled these unique and experimental songs into one cohesive work with their production and created a powerful album in “Heaven to a Tortured Mind.”