Patrik Berger Collaborates with Alice Boman on “The More I Cry”

This week Swedish artist Alice Boman released ‘The More I Cry,’ the third single from her upcoming album Dream On. Boman has been working on the album in the studio with producer Patrik Berger (Robyn, Charli XCX, Icona Pop, Santigold). Berger co-wrote and produced ‘This is Where It Ends’ and co-produced ‘Wish We Had More Time,’ the first two singles from the record.

‘The More I Cry’ is eerie and hypnotic, and the last song Boman wrote for the album. She says, “It’s a special one. It felt like an important song to get out of me and on to the record and I wrote it in a few days. I played it for Patrik one day in the studio and we got inspired and started to play around on his old synths and recorded the whole core of the song that same day. We listened to that beautiful Elvis recording of Blue Moon and Patrik has this old 50’s mic that I fell in love with, that I actually think is meant for drums, that we recorded the vocals on."

Boman says that Berger has had a big impact on the record. “It felt so good and so right working with him right away,” she says. “It’s nice to be able to let go when it’s with someone you feel like you can trust.”

Making the indie pop album has been an eye-opening experience for Berger as well. He says, “Working with Alice got me thinking of music in a different way. I never thought something so soft could sound so intense.”

Dream On is due to be released January 17, 2020. Listen to ‘The More I Cry,’ ‘Wish We Had More Time,’ and ‘This is Where It Ends’ now.