Patrik Berger Teaches Little Dragon Some New Tricks For EP Season High

AAM’s Patrik Berger has been busy working with multiple clients recently. However, he has recently been working with Swedish synth-pop quartet Little Dragon. Before 2014, Little Dragon had been under the radar, never cracking the Top 100 until shockingly getting nominated for the Grammy for The Best Dance/Electronic Album. “It caught us off guard for sure”, claimed lead singer Yukimi Nagano. Nagano, who admits to originally having the dream to become a solo R&B artist, says that the other three band members just fell into place, bringing their individual sound influences together to create the unique sound that they have now as Little Dragon. In a Rolling Stone interview, she continues to admit, “Alone, we wouldn't be that strong. If I would've sung on some big producer's stuff, it would've been totally boring. [My bandmates] brought something special out of me, and I brought something special out of them."

Previously sticking to their prideful choice to create music entirely on their own, Little Dragon decided to open up and bring in other influences for their recent EP Season High. They made the incredible choice to bring in Patrik Berger with his synth-pop experience and skill. Berger has quite the credit list withholding hit songs such as “Dancing On My Own” by Robyn, “Mind Your Manners” by Chiddy Bang, and “Boom Clap” by Charlie XCX. Berger knows how to make a hit, but also stays very much to his roots of true synth-pop music that Little Dragon is known for with R&B and hip-hop influences. After 20 years together, Little Dragon has drafted in Patrik Berger and other producer James Ford to “adjudicate and eliminate their tendency to overthink things in the studio” and “to evolve and learn new tricks”. Being released on April 14th, the EP already has numerous plays along with a 4.5/5 star rating on iTunes. With such early successes, we are beyond excited to see what more are to come for this EP!