Sarah Hudson On Idolator’s 25 Artists To Watch In 2017

Included in Idolator’s On The Verge: 25 Artist To Watch In 2017, singer-songwriter, Sarah Hudson marks a new beginning by dropping her new single “Gypsy Girl” from her forthcoming EP Songs From The Sea. Hudson has co-written some of the radio’s biggest hits for artists (Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”, Iggy Azalea’s “Black Widow”, and Justin Bieber’s “The Feeling”), and now decides to venture forth by showcasing her own art and claiming her songwriting credit as a solo artist. Hudson creates an EP expressing her years of growth and spiritual development by designing a sound as if falling into a “Ayahuasca-induced, underwater lucid dream”. Excited to see her win, Sarah carries a strong, focused, and free- spirit mentality who is not afraid of being unique, sharing her truth and making the music she loves.