Serban Ends The Summer With A Bang

Sia has the entire music world talking right now with her electrifying new single, “The Greatest,” which was mixed by AAM’s very own Serban Ghenea. The song has been universally praised for its booming, captivating, emotionally-charged sound, and has already stacked up nearly 6 million plays on YouTube after only being released for one day. Serban has also been working his mixing magic on other recent hits, such as Beck’s “Wow,” which charted on Billboard’s Alternative Top 10, as wells as OneRepublic’s “Kids.” But the summer is not over for Serban just yet! He also played a big role on Lady Gaga’s “Perfect Illusion,” which is set to be released September 9th, and is still working with OneRepublic on their upcoming album, Oh My My. As always, Serban shows what an invaluable part of the music industry he is, and we couldn’t be prouder!