Sunflower Bean’s “Come For Me”, Produced By Justin Raisen, Out Now

On October 30th, Sunflower Bean released their new single called “Come For Me” co-written and produced by AAM’s Justin Raisen. The band also made an announcement about their new EP titled King of The Dudes coming early next year. Previously in the spring of 2018, the band Sunflower Bean released an EP called Twentytwo in Blue and they wasted no time to give us more music. Sunflower Bean began working on King of the Dudes while on the road touring. As singer/bassist Julia Cumming says, it is “aggressive and fun and weird”.

The EP will feature four tracks: “King of The Dudes”, “Come For Me”, “Fear City”, and “The Big One” which were all produced and co-written by AAM’s Justin Raisen. When Sunflower Bean got together with Justin in his home garage studio, they didn’t have much planned, but knew the sound they were striving for. Justin worked alongside them effortlessly and “knocked out the EP over a quick week” finding and mastering that sound. This comes as no surprise as Raisen is a veteran producer, working with the likes of Angel Olsen (My Woman), Charli XCX (Sucker), Sky Ferreira (Night Time, My Time), and L Devine (Peer Pressure).

Sunflower Bean’s new single “Come For Me” was featured on BBC RADIO 1 Future Sounds with Annie Mac on October 30th; calling it the “Hottest Record In The World.” “Come For Me” provides a glimpse at what rock n’ roll is supposed to be, with a twist of groove. Cumming says the song talks about how “women are fed up. The public is fed up.” With lyrics like “Do you really wanna come for me?/You know I got all night,” it shows that she is angry at the world and proving women’s strength. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the record.

King Of The Dudes is due for release January 25th, 2019, so keep a lookout!